Slug-Naught - The Construction

A while back I decided that I need another Dreadnaught. I had bought the Assault on Black Reach box set for the Orks, and after buying a few of them I ended up with a set of the Marines. I put together the Dreadnaught that came in the box and combined it with a few parts off of my Chaos Dreadnaught that I didn't use to make a Plasma Cannon/Rocket Launcher Dreadnaught. Well, I decided that I needed one with a Multimelta.

I cobbled some pieces that I had left from a Chaos Defiler when I built a Brass Scorpion and put the cockpit together. I then used the Dreadnaught CCW and the Multimelta from the Black Reach Dreadnaught. I added some extra bits and cardstock to bulk it up.

I decided to make this a Nurgle Dreadnaught and built a slug torso out of some Super Sculpey. It was quite easy to make - if you can make a snake out of Playdough you can do this just fine. AFter rolling out the snake shape I cut some grooves into the belly to make it look snake/slug lige. I then used a modelling tool to poke some holes into the back of the body so it would look like wounds.
Next I glued the assembled model on to a base that I had coated with gravel. I then used green stuff to go around the bottom of the model so I would have a nice smooth transition to the ground. This is important for what I did next. I also added green stuff where there were gaps or big blank spots on the cockpit. This isn't absolutely necessary but it definately helped with the next step.

For the final step in the construction of this beast I turned to an old trick. I liberally applied wood glue all of the place. Anywhere there was a transition from flesh to metal, around any vents, jsut anywhere that needed a bit of slime. I then took out my trusty super glue and poured it over the top. After letting it sit for just a few seconds I used a paperclip to kind of ripple the surface. It is crazy easy to do this and it adds a fantastic slime texture to wherever you put the glue mixture.
Up next for this guy is priming and airbrushing the base coat on. I will be sure to post some pics.