Screamers of Tzeentch

Behold the flying meltabomb in all its Tzeentchy glory!

These guys currently are a staple in my Chaos Daemons army. They are one of the few units I have that can reliably deal with big armor. Granted, that is ALL they do, but they do it pretty well.

These guys were straight up a pain. I hated putting them together. Worst model yet that I have put together.

The problem is the tail. You can't really see it but the tail is in two pieces. The little spindly bit connects to the rest of the model at the base of the tail at a 45 degree angle. It is too weird an angle to pin and the pieces are crazy small and then where it connects.

So in lieu of pinning I did it my way - lots of glue and a dose of green stuff over that.

It has worked out well so far as none of the tails have fallen off.

I have had problems with the flight stands though. Finally getting mad enough to do something about it I broke out my power drill and found a bit that was the same size as the flying base. Since I didn't glue my guys to their base (I dare you to try gluing one of these guys to its base - I don't even give you a full game before you snap one off) I had to set them on it each game and a few of the holes were too shallow or too small. I flipped the troublesome culprits over on some foam and reamed out their flying base hole with murderous glee. Before I did that I didn't even like these guys at all. After the carnage of the drill I love them. Go figure.

For the painting these guys were pretty easy and turned out quite nice - even though I really messed up on them. I was planning on doing half blue and half pink like I did my horrors. Problem was I ran out of blue wash. It was Sunday, or dark, or something like that so I couldn't run to the store and get more (probably just being lazy). So what did I do?

Simple, I grabbed up a bunch of bright colors, watered em down like crazy, and did half and half on my guys. I did the bottom blue, and then a different color on the top. I did all of this with the airbrush and I got surprisingly good results.

These guys look slick on the table. They are all different colors and they pop. They really stand out when you look at them up close because you can see almost a transition on the edges form the blue to the other colors.