Formal Big Waaagh - Memphis Challenge

Big D is in training. Not only is he trying to hone his 40k skills to get ready for the Big Waaagh tournament, he is also waging a war of mental preparation regarding a test of his manliness. Like a creature from Cthulu mythos, amongst our number Will is known as 'the one who consumes'. By consume - we mean anything ranging from cow fries, to home brewed pigs head cheese, to his own fermented beer. He's quite the fan of the strange and bizaar and he is no stranger to competitve eating. Under his belt he holds an award for wing eating and has put up a good showing in a hot dog eating contest.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that while in Memphis for the Big Waagh, Big D is going to consume the 7 lb Kookamonga burger. It will meet its master or Will shall puke trying. Regardless it will be a good show. Are there any out there who wish to display their manliness and meet the challenge of Big D? Any other gaming clubs who will put forth a champion of eatery to best Big D? The Cookie Canuck is a mere short few blocks from the convention hall and hotel and a worthy arena for such a test of skills.

Have you any words of encouragement or snide remarks? Let him know what you think!