Keeper of Secrets

Here is my completed Keeper of Secrets.

I picked this model up off of eBay for a steal. The best part was that it was already assembled and pinned when it came in. I don't mind pinning as much as some people, but it was still really nice to have it done for me. The model made the trip in one piece so it was pinned quite well to boot.

I decided to go really simple on painting this guy. Something this big can be really intimidating. I had been using a lot of washes so I decided to make extensive use of them.

I primed the model white and then picked out the large details with solid colors. I used Blood Red for the claws, chainmail for the sword and Warlock Purple for the claws. After picking out the base colors I used my airbrush to hit the whole model with purple wash.

The wash did an amazing job of highlighting the model for me. It flowed down into the recess but left all the grooves a nice lighter color. This model is still the best results that I have gotten out of using this method.

Once the wash dried I went back and picked out all the jewelery with gold. I washed this with sepia and then painted the tabard Ice Blue and washed it with blue wash.

This model was the fasted of all the Greater Daemons that I have painted so far. It was really easy and I got really good results for the amount of time I put into it. I only wish I had painted this model before my Daemonettes as i plan on painting them using this method from now on.