If you were new to the hobby what would you want in a painting class?

Our nearest local FLGS (Hobby Town - Bentonville) has asked me to give a few painting classes/seminars for beginning gamers this summer. I don't mind at all since I am on a school schedule and will have plenty of time to take on such a venture.

However, I don't consider myself a professional painter at all - I am okay at best. I never had a knack for picking up a brush and applying paint to a miniature right out of the box. I learned strictly by trial and error. I have been gaming and painting for close to 16 years now, and each army I paint is a just a little bit better than the last. My painting experiences are entirely built solely on what I know works and doesnt work, from previous painting, and has no true artistic technical basis. That being said, I have won a few painting awards at a local level and I usually rank in the upper third at larger tournaments.

On the opposite side of the coin, I do consider myself to be a pretty good teacher. The only catch is teaching Physics at a high school is pretty different than teaching newer gamers the ins and outs of painting. Sure I have taught a few folks over the years how to paint in a one on one environment, but this seems alltogether different. I know how I get paint on my miniatures, but I have never considered how I would share this with someone else!

So my questions for you...... If you are or were a new gamer, what would you want to learn about? How could I structure things to help newer gamers pick up the hobby and learn to appreciate the painting side of the hobby which many overlook? What advice would you have for me as I begin to plan for these painting classes/seminars? Would I be out of sorts by posting a flier at the shop asking what people would like to work on?