Terrain - Junk Shop

Here is an easy building that I cranked out. I had a bunch of junk left over from some toys I tore apart for bits and decided to make up a junk shop piece of terrain.

I wanted this piece to look real rusty and have lots of metal on it. I decided to make the main part of the building out of a piece of corrugated cardboard that I found at work. I have read several articles on splitting a corrugated box to get type of texture but I lucked out and found a giant sheet that was one sided corrugated. This ended up saving a ton of time. Have you ever tried to split a piece of cardboard? You will know what I am talking about if you have.

I just rolled the piece of cardboard into a half tube shape and glued it to my piece of hardboard. I then glued down a pile of the spare bits. It was lacking a little something so I put together a little shed for the back of the shop and gussied it up with some little plates and rivets.

I then primed black, broke out the Applebarrell paints and went to went to town.