Chaos Possessed - WIP

A while back I posted on what was the best use for Chaos Possessed models - conversions. After converting up quite a few heroes and aspiring champions I decided to bite the bullet and model up a whole unit of Possessed.

After trying and trying to come up with the best way to use them I have decided on giving them the mark of Tzeentch. This will give them a 4+ invlunerable save. I love the resiliency of Thousand Sons, so these guys should be just as tough. Add in that they won't be slow and purposeful, and will get some kind of offensive or movement power and they shouldn't be too bad. I will keep telling myself that at least.

I started out by priming these guys white. I used Armoury White Primer and I just loved it. It went on super thin and had great coverage. I wish I could get this stuff around here.

Next I hit them with the airbrush with some Asurmen Blue wash.

After that I painted the armor trim with the foundation orange and then I worked up the claws and horns with some Privateer Press paints that I picked up a while back. I went from an orange, to a muddy orange, to a bright yellow.

This guy needs a bit more work before he is done but i think these guys are going to look sharp once the whole unit is finished.