Scratch Built Titan - Slime Covering

That last time I posted about my titan I had just finished getting it put together. Since then it had been sitting on a shelf out in my garage. I just couldn't bring myself to work on it anymore (stupid titan feet.)

Fast forward a few months and Wildeyedjester had decided he was going to up and make a titan for himself.

Well, not to be outdone I decided I better get mine finished before he does. Can't have him showing my up getting his finished first when I had a six month head start now can I?

Since my titan is dedicated to Pappa Nurgle I decided I should add a thin layer slime to accent the spirit of rot. And by thin layer I mean cover the sucker in it from head to toe.

I started out by using my good ole wood-glue and super-glue slime recipe and quickly advanced to more experimental techniques. I added a bit of basing material in and applied it for rust effects. It was taking too long doing it in spot treatments on the model so my next step was to pre-mix the glues in a plastic dixie cup and then apply it to the model.

I finished up with my glue slime and was just not quite satisfied. That is when I saw my bottle of Great-Stuff expanding foam. I thought what the heck. Worst thing that happens is that it ends up a big globby mess - perfect.

I started out by applying the expanding foam in small places around the model in minute amounts. As it expanded I would drag it around with a piece of sprue.

This worked out really well. As I worked my way towards covering the entire model I found that the expanding foam worked really well for filling up the open cab and leg joints. Near the end of the process I was squirting the foam out on a piece of plastic and then using a ruined paint brush to spread thin layers of foam over flat areas. I would later expand and be all bumpy and gross.

Over all I was quite pleased with how the slime turned out on the titan. It looks very Nurglesque. The only down side to this method is that I have expanding foam all over my hands and goodness is it a pain to get off. I now have a bunch of little patches of hairless pink skin from where I have been peeling it off over the last several days. Next time I will definitely wear gloves.