This is the latest list I have come up with:

Executioner, plas sponsons, bolter 230
leman russ, bolter sponsons, bolter 170
vendetta 130
platoon squad 30
Vendetta 130
squad, melta 60
squad, melta, commissar power weapon 105
squad, melta 60
squad, commissar power weapon, metla 105
spec squad, demo pack, 1 flamers 60
conscripts 80
psykers (9) 100
Chimera 55
devil dog 120
basilisk 125
2 hydra flak tanks 150
Commissar lord, powerfist 80
spec squad, demo pack, 1 flamer 60

I like it for several reasons. A pair of vendettas for medium armored vehicles. Plenty of melta for heavy, and the hydras for dealing with light armor and for putting a hurting on monstrous creatures.

I also like that the troops can all be lead by commissars giving me, what I feel, is the biggest bang for my buck. They psyker squad is also at str 8 blasts allowing them to instant kill things. Yes there is no company command squad, but as with my previous posts - I feel like they are just point sinks since you have to keep them protected, and they don't usually get their points back in a mech. list. This tournament list feels suitably dirty. I will have to playtest it a few times, but if it works out I don't look forward to buying the hydras from forgeworld. They are almost 60.00 a piece USD.