1850 Daemons vs. Tyranids

1850 Daemons vs. Tyranids

2x Heralds of Tzeentch in Chariot
Great Unclean One
15 Bloodletters
2x10 Plaguebearers w/ Icon
11 Pink Horrors w/ Changeling
3x3 Flamers
2x4 Screamers
Nurgle Prince
Slaanesh Prince w/ Wings

Tyrant w/ Devourers
2x Carnifex with Guns
2x8 Gaunts w/ without number
2 units of leaping gaunts
4 units of Genestealers
about 4 units of warriors

My opponent won the roll to go first and decided that he would take the first turn. He deployed in his table quarter in a very tight formation. He put the gaunts without number down both sides of his deployment zone in a line. Behind them went the leaping gaunts, then a mass of Genesteelers and warriors with a Carnifex and tyrant for support on both sides of the deployment. In the far back was a unit of warriors with ranged weapons for support.

On my first turn half my units dropped in. The flamers didn't make it, they landed on a unit of gaunts and rolled to go back up. Everything else landed on target except for the great unclean one. He landed way off target by scattering about ten inches away from the enemy. This sealed his fate - he was just to slow to ever make it to combat.

The Pink Horrors landed right where I wanted them and they opened up on a unit of leaping gaunts. I was able to knock the unit down by half, but since thy were within synapse range they didn't break. I shot a different unit of gaunts with my Tzeentch herald and killed a few. I also shot at the closest Carnifex but didn't manage to wound it with my Bolt of Tzeentch. Everything else ran to better position themselves and to spread out and that was the end of my first turn.

The second turn really highlighted my mistakes that I made in deployment. Instead of making the Tyranids fight me one on one I had positioned my troops where two or three units could charge a single unit of my daemons. The Tyranid shooting was as effective as I though it would be against my troops. The sheer volume of shots that a few number of troops could put out really hurt me with my low saves.

In the assault phase I learned to fear the bugs. A unit of Genestealers, a Tyrant, and a unit of gaunts charged my Plaguebearers while a unit of leaping gaunts and regular gaunts charged my horrors. There was a unit of Genestealers close enough to bestow the feeder tendril ability so they all got to re-roll their missed to hits.

After the first round of combat I didn't have any Plaguebearers left and I was down by half on my unit of horrors.

The next few turns played out just the same as this one. I would deep strike some models in, and they would get mobbed by two or three units. There wasn't anything I could do against the horde of bugs. He had enough firepower that he picked off my heralds as I dropped them a safe distance away and any of my close combat troops I dropped in just got mauled by multiple units.

We called the game at the end of turn four. All I had left on the table was my Great Unclean One and a unit of Screamers (which are pretty much useless against Tyranids.)

I made a few major mistakes that really hurt me. I should have dropped my troops on either side of him instead of all of them in the front. This would have made him split his troops up a bit. I also had bad luck on my GUO. If he had been front and center I would have had the support my CC troops needed.

This was my first time paying against Tyranids and I had a blast. My opponent was loads of fun to play against and it was a really fun game even though I straight got mauled. Hopefully next time I will be able to use what I learned here and put up a better showing.