Patriot Games - Game 3

For my third and final game I was going to be playing Orks. I was quite excited about this because I had not gotten to play Orks since starting up 40k and I am also in the process of (slowly) building an Ork army. I couldn't wait.

I got to the table a bit before my opponent and I scoped it out. There was quite a bit of low lying cover scattered around the table and in the middle were 7 canisters that were about the size of soda cans (in fact they were soda cans.) I read the scenario and was immediately excited. It was going to be kill points. Great! Orks have like 10,000 kill points on the table. And even better - you were also trying to pick up the cans in the middle and they were worth 1 kill point apiece. Even better!

One small hitch - the cans could also explode dealing a d6 S10 AP2 hits to any units touching the cans. And then they would all disappear - leaving a huge hole in the middle of the table.

This was going to be a tricky game.

The Ork player won the roll to choose table quarters and deploy and go first. He deployed his uncountable horde of Orks and then it was my turn to put down my what I used-to-think-was-ample chaos horde.

I don't remember everything he had in his army - it was freaking huge - so I will hit the high points.

He had a Big Mek with Shokk attack gun, another Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, two units of two buggies with rokkits, one two man unit of killa kans with grot-zookas, two units of fifteen lootas (holy crap were these stout), several mobs of 30 boys (some armed with shootas, others choppas), and two looted battlewagons. He also had a unit of Kommando's with Boss Snikrot.

Looking at his list it appears to be a standard foot slogging army. I was quite excited to be playing it because I am tinkering around with an Ork list myself and do not have a clear direction on how I am going to go.

We were playing table quarters so he deployed his units as best he could. He had his kans and truks up near the front along with as many of his squads of boys as he could. He lined his lootas up on the back edge of each side of his deployment zone. This is also where he stuck his Big Mek with Shokk Attack gun. After that is was a jumbled mess of units that were crammed in. Orks can field an unreal amount of troops.

Sorry about not updating - it has been a while since I started writing this.

Long story short on this game - First turn he destroyed all my rhinos. On my turn I ran forward to grab some points by claiming the exploding objectives. I got one then they exploded. This gave him a clear shot to all of my troops (now unprotected out of their Rhino's.)

From here he simply shot me to death. I was able to take out one or two small units (a couple of killa kans, a looted wagon, and a few truks) but by the end of turn three I was out.

We called the game and I learned to fear the Green Horde.

I will post the final results here in the next few days.