Nurgle Daemon Prince - Full Sculpt

I was looking on and I came across MF Doom's Gallery. I just fell in love with the sculpted Nurgle Daemons. Since I had just got in three rolls of cheap green stuff I decided to have a go at sculpting one myself.

I have sculpted a few smaller things in the past (some feet and a few heads) but nothing near a full model.

For my base I glued a piece of plastic tube to a 40mm base and slathered on some green stuff in the rough shape of what my finished model would look like.

I let the base coat dry and the next day I started adding detail. I started with the stomach, worked down to the legs, and then hit the back. The next day I added the head and put down the base coat on the arms.

Today I finished the model up. I added the scyth, hands (really tricky) and, the arm detail. For the final piece I added a heaping helping of entrails. I scultped a few little wounds and sores on the intestines for some added gore.

Right now I am waiting for the model to dry all the way and tomorrow I will prime and start to paint.

I am very excited about this model because it actually turned out pretty well for my first attempt.