Scorpion Defiler - Finished!

Here is my finished Defiler. I based this guy off of the Brass Scorpion I saw over at GWs site. I would post a link but they changed their site around and I can't find it right now.

I had a blast putting this thing together. It was definately the funnest thing I have put together since I started playing again.

For the paint job I started out by priming the model with Chaos Black and then I broke out the spray gun. I mixed up some Liche Purple and sprayed this bad boy down. It ended up looking very smooth. After that I picked out the gold and silver highlights on him and then used the spray gun to put on a pretty liberal dose of the new Badab Black wash. Some would say too liberal a coating as it turned out very dark - closer to black than purple. Oh well. I think it looks pretty good. It is actually pretty close to the color of my Rhino.

Click for larger pictures!