Airbrush - Part 2

You heard in my last airbrush post about the challenges I was up against (furry primer and pink daemons) but I have overcome these obstacles. I recently finished up my first unit of Bloodletters and they didn't turn out half bad (all things considered).

The only thing that saved me on these guys was the new GW Washes. The Baal Red was a real lifesaver. It was the only thing I could put on these guys that gave any shading/definition that didn't soak up into the primer or turn brown.

On the horns I used a layer of Bleached Bone and Devlan Mud (I am beginning to see a pattern) and used Shining Gold and Devlan Mud for the gold on the weapons and horns.

I am still not real happy with them but I will use them because it would just be silly not too.

I am planning on picking up another box of these guys in the next few weeks and I expect everything to go much smoother.

Right now I am working on my first couple of Demonettes and they are going pretty good. When I get them finished I will be sure to put a couple of pictures up here so you can check them out.