Extinction Angels Rhino - Part 3

One of the major reasons that I got discouraged painting this model was the tracks and bottom. I started painting the tracks and it was taking forever and didn't look good. I finally got fed up with it and decided to use an air brush on it.

Since I don't have an airbrush this presented a challenge. After a bit of thinking I decided that I sort of did have an airbrush - a can of black spray paint. Granted it is an airbrush with only one color and no flow control. What the heck I figured - it can't look any worse than what I was doing with a brush.

I used a sheet of cardstock to keep the paint off of th sides and I painted the bottom with the spray paint.

It ended up looking good enough so I decided to hit the tracks and wheels on both sides of the tank. I got a bit on the bottom of the tank but it

Here you can see a bit of splatter that got on the back door - again not an issue because I ended up washing this whole area black anyways.

Here is a shot of the top of the Rhino. I have applied several layers of purple paint as well as Tin Bitz on the door and light wells.

Next time I will show you the final pictures before sealing and mounting.