Tool - Jewelers Saw

Since I do quite a bit of conversions I ended up needing something that would cut through pewter and plastic like butter. I also needed something that was very flexible and made clean cuts.

I tried my exacto knife but it took forever and was not very flexible. It was also murder trying to cut through pewter with it. When that failed I broke out my Dremel tool and gave it a shot. It also failed to meet my requirements.

I did a bit of looking around on the internet and found what I was looking for - a jewelers saw. The jewelers saw is perfect because it meets all my needs and is highly adaptable because you can swap out the blades.

I have a very fine toothed blade on my saw right now. It is crazy thing. I can actually curve the blade as I cut through a model with it. I have had a few blades break while cutting through pewter but they are less than $4 for a dozen blades.

I picked the one below up for less than $20 at my local hobby shop.