Sculpting - Daemon Feet

I decided to try my hand at modeling a pair of feet. Since I have a Chaos Space Marine army I decided to go with a pair of deamon feet.

These were actually the first thing that I tried modeling. I made a few mistakes that taught me quite a bit.

The first thing that I learned was to not try to model something without having a base underneath it. I rolled up a ball of green stuff and stuck it on a toothpick and started sculpting. It went pretty good at first but then I started having problems.

The more I worked with the green stuff the more it tried to pull away from the toothpick. This made it harder and harder to work with.

After I got the basic shape of the feet I rolled out a thin tube and cut it with a knife. I then stuck them on the end of the feet to make claws.

I then let the piece dry overnight and glued it onto a set of legs that I had cut the feet off of.