Review - Firebase Issue 1

I recently downloaded Firebase Issue 1 from over at It is a fan run Warhammer 40k online magazine. It is chock full of great articles.

This issue has the following articles -
  • Firebase Editorial
  • Converting Your Home - This is a short article on how to use your kitchen table as a wargaming board.
  • Eternal Dam-nation - A great writeup on an awesome gaming board that incorporates a damn and two bridges.
  • Steel over Flesh - A battle report between Tyranids and Necrons played on the board above.
  • Gaming Etiquette - A short article on proper gaming etiquette.
  • Tactica Kult of Speed - This is a great strategy article on how to use a Kult of Speed Ork army.
  • Freakz and Firewarriors - An Ork versus Tau battlereport.
  • I Quit! - This a great article about quitting the hobby and coming back to it. Rings quite true to my current situation.
  • Fer Boyz Wiv No Teef - This is kind of an odd article. A gamer makes his own Ork war vehicles out of cardboard. Pretty good article if you are interested in scratch building a vehicle of your own.
  • An Ork’s Tale Birth of a Warrior - First part of a short story involving Orks
  • Stikkin’ Da Boot In! - An Ork army profile. Has some really neat pictures of some scratch built killer kans.
  • Through the Valley of the City of Death - An article about using the Cities of Death buildings.
  • Slumming It - This articles shows how to scratch build some desert terrain buildings.
  • In space, Everyone can hear your WAAAAAGH! - A Battlefleet Gothic article focusing on Orks.
  • The Dockyard - This is a regular feature that focuses on Battlefleet Gothic.
  • Five Admirals and a Hiveļ¬‚eet - Another Battlefleet Gothic article
  • Battle Over Medusa V - A Battlefleet Gothic battle report between Chaos and Loyalists Space Marines.
  • Welcome To the Underhive - This articles serves as a good introduction to Necromunda.
  • Down With the Hood - A guide on building and modding a Necromunda gang.
  • Run Him Outta Town! - A Necromunda scenario.
I had a good time reading this magazine. It had many great articles and a high production value. I look forward to reading more. Currently there are five up for download over at Warseer. I highly recommend giving them a shot.