Painting Technique - New Blending Method

A few days back I posted a link to this guide. It shows a method for painting non-metallic metallics as I discussed in a previous post. I decided that I could apply this technique to the shading on my Chaos Space Marines.

On this model I had already base coated with Liche Purple and then washed with a Chaos Black/Liche Purple/water mix.

In the middle of the of the area to be highlighted with a 3:1 mix of Lich Purple and Skull White.

Once the above had dried I mixed up a darker mix of purple and Skull white and applied it between the 3:1 ratio and the straight Liche Purple.

I was a bit skeptical of how this was going to look when it was still wet. Once it had dried I was no longer worried about it. The pictures below do a good job of showing how the shading transitions. I did a pretty good job on the body and upper legs. I goofed up a bit on the lower legs so it does not look as blended.

I am also playing around with the white balance on my camera. I think the bottom picture looks better but I forgot which setting I used so I am going to have to do some more testing.