Extinction Angels Rhino - Part 1

I finally started working on a project that I have been putting off for a while - painting a Rhino.

Back when I was playing Warhammer Fantasy the largest thing that I painted was a Vampire Counts Black Coach. I always heard horror stories from my friends who had played 40k in the past. They had stories about how hard it was to paint tanks.

Because of this I put this task off for as long as I could.

After I had painted three squads of troops I decided it was time to tackle the chore.

I started by putting the Rhino together and adding some Chaos bits to it. The Chaos Space Marine Rhino uses the same frame as the regular Space Marine Rhino but they give you a sprue of spiky bits and chaos symbols. I assembled the Rhino and primed it white - this would be the first mistake that I made in this process.

Below are some pictures as well as a few notes. Next post I will show you some WIP shots of the paint job and share with you the horror that is painting a Warhammer 40k tank.

Using a technique I found over at one of the forums I visit I added some gooey texture to the tank. In a future post I will go into detail on how I did this.

Closeup of gooey texture.

Here is the complete tank with weapons. I have decided to try and use Havoc Launchers on my Rhinos. This will give me a bit more anti-infantry firepower and I think it looks pretty cool.