Terrain - A Section of Pipeline

If you are painting up an army you are going to eventually want to play a few games with it. In order to do that you need a few things in addition to your army - a table, an opponent, dice, and terrain. I have been working on a few pieces of terrain in between troops to keep everything fresh. Today I will show you how to make a very simple and cheap piece of terrain for your table.

For this piece of terrain you will need the following -
  • 2x 90 degree 1/2" pvc connectors
  • 4" of 1/2" pvc pipe
  • PVA glue
  • Superglue
  • a 6"x 3" piece of hard board (the exact dimensions aren't important. Just eyeball something that looks right)
  • Stuff to base your scenery - ballast, rocks, sand - whatever you use for your models
  • Black spray paint (or GW Black Primer if you are rich)
  • A few colors of cheap Hobby-Lobby paint (about $1 a bottle)
Assembly Instructions -
  1. File off any markings from the pvc connectors and then stick them on both ends of your pvc pipe.
  2. Glue the assembled piece down to your hard board with the super glue and let it dry.
  3. Cover the base with a thin layer of PVA glue
  4. Pour your ballast or basing material over the glue and let it dry. This might take an hour or two.
  5. Make a mixture of 1:1 PVA glue and water and brush over your ballast. Let dry.
  6. Put a few rocks or other bits on the base for character.
  7. Once all the glue is dry prime the piece with your black primer or spray paint.
Painting Instructinos -

For my pice I drybrushed the pipe with a cheap acrylic metallic silver I bought at Hobby-Lobby. I then dry brushed that with a lighter layer of a bronze that I also picked up at Hobby-Lobby. For the gravel I dry brushed it with a light layer of grey Hobby-Lobby paint. I then put down a few drops of PVA glue and added some green flock.

Below is a picture of the completed terrain piece.

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