Squad Pusto - 002

Here is a pic of another member of Squad Pusto. I have him up over at coolminiornot.com so you can go vote on him if you want - link -
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I painted the armor and weapon the same as my previous Death Guard model - Catachan Green, dark wash, Catachan Green, Catachan Green/Bleached bone on the armor and Black, Tin Bitz, Boltgun, Black Wash on the gun.

For the fleshy arm I did things a bit different. I started off with a base coat of Snot Green and then washed that with a mix of Snot Green and Chaos Black. I then highlighted the raised areas with Snot Green and then a mix of Snot Green and Skull White. For the bone protrusions I used Bleached Bone washed with Chestnut Ink and then highlighted with Bleached Bone.

I really liked how the arm turned out. I used this same paint scheme on several other flesh bits in this unit. Soon I will post a few pics of the full unit.

The base is Black washed ballast highlighted with Fortress Grey.