TauTauNid??- 1000 point Nid WIP

Me and Sweet E decided on Wednesday that we may run Nid/Grey Knight at WARGAMESCON doubles. I am still going to run my Tau, but I feel like this will prevent a Tau burn out for me. So, I embarked on a 1000 point flash painting project. I have gotten pretty far, but there is still alot of work to be done on both my Tau and the Nids. Painting 50 genestealers is going to be the hard part.....I still need to highlight the Hive Tyrant and the genestealers that I have finished.

My meiotic spore conversion was done with a hobby lobby egg that I inherited. Basically, I did all the cuts on the outside, cut it in half, hollowed it out, and green stuffed an amoeba looking deal in the middle. It's not done yet. I want to add some more green stuff oozing out of the sides. Also, it needs to be based and painted to match the army's scheme. This was inspired by an amoeba organism I saw while doing some research the other day. It's called Radiolaria. The thing that is so awesome about it is that it created it's own shell like protection with holes all in it. Out of these holes come its ooze. It feeds like this. So tyranid.

Honestly, this is the funniest video I've seen on the internet in a long time. If you dont think so, then YOU SUCK.

Go here and click on the first video, "Best drunk girl prank ever"...Youtube is down for some reason right now.