Grey Knights - "Unofficial FAQ" and Redundancy

I didn't get in any games this week due to being out of town on vacation, but I did get to do more reading than usual so I thought I would share what I thought to be a couple of the most interesting reads this week.

GK with Falcions from Mike J on Iron Warboss
The first really interesting topic was that of Redundancy vs. Utility that blew up across several blogs and forums, but started with this article by Spaguatyrine on The Back 40K. That article was followed up by one called "Something my Teacher Once Told Me" by SandWyrm on The Back 40K that was really good. Being a relatively new player to the game, I found these articles to be very thought provoking.

Taking a look in my own list building at items that are Redundant vs Utility and looking at ways to build in overlapping capabilities was interesting to me and I think would be interesting to lots of people. After reviewing it, my lists had been forming up much more like Spag's than that of the spam lists that I've viewed elsewhere. Unfortunately for me, I haven't learned "The Rules" well enough to break them. I could probably win more consistently with a highly redundant list, that just isn't how I want to play. I would rather develop more advanced tactical skills than try and shortcut to victories with cut and paste strategies. The great thing is that there is plenty of room for both types of players. How did these articles strike you about your own list building and overall tactics?

The other interesting piece that's generating a lot of comments/outrage is the "Unofficial FAQ" for Grey Knights coming from the Games Workshop Australia Hobby Service Team. This could be all made up, but I doubt it is. Could plenty of it be overruled by an Official FAQ, well sure, but it is still interesting to check out the current thoughts.

Fore those of you who don't have time to read this monster, here's a few highlights that might really change some lists.

"The first one is Falchions. They state that they are a pair of close combat weapons that grant the bearer +1 attack. Is this cumulative with the +1 attack for having two close combat weapons, giving a total of +2 attacks to a model with Falchions, or is the +1 attack already the bonus for a pair of weapons? The pricing to equip a model with the weapons is quite costly if it only gives one more attack, especially in an army that is almost always outnumbered, and where maxing out squads can hurt the army's effectiveness badly.

It's +2 attacks in total; +1 for arming the model with a pair of Falchions and +1 for being armed with two close combat weapons."

--This is a big change. I had read a few people saying this is the way they read it, but I didn't really read it that way so I hadn't thought about it since. This gets me to thinking about it again though. For 5 points a model, you could take termies, pallies, or purifiers up to a base of 4 attacks with force weapons. Throw in a Libby with Quicksilver, and they can strike at I10.

"Can Interceptors and Dreadknights with personal teleporters use their 30" shunt move during their scout move, if it's granted to them by the Grand Strategy?
No they cannot use their personal teleporters while making a scout move. It states in the scout rules section that it must be a normal move. Pg 76"
--I still think the official FAQ will be the opposite of this, but maybe not. I posted a list last week using the shunt during the scout move tactics, so it would throw that list out for sure. It makes those expensive dreadknight teleporter's seem even more outlandish to me.
"If you have multiple Grand Masters (including Mordrak and Draigo) in your army, can you use multiple 'The Grand Strategies'? Or are you limited on only one, regardless of how many Grand Masters you have?

Yes, each Grand Master would generate different grand strategies. However, you may only assign one grand strategy to a unit maximum, as the units effected by a grand strategy must have the same grand strategies as the other units selected to have the same role. Pg 22"

--There were a few arguments going on about this. I don't know why someone would particularly want to do this since it would be so many points, but you can do it if you can find the right build for it.

Take a look and tell me if you think anything else looks like a game changer.