Grey Knights - The Mordrak Bomb

So I've been playing with Grey Knight lists like many other people. While feeling the Grey Knights out, I've ran across several competitive list and several lists that will just be fun. Not that the fun lists can't win, they just won't win near enough.
Here's a sharp Drak unit off of Dakka

Trying to keep up with everyone naming their lists out there, I thought I would call this list the Mordrak Bomb, or maybe just the Drak Bomb. The concept of this list is alpha striking as much as possible. So here's how it looks:

200 - Mordrak
225 - x5 Ghost Knights w/ Battle Banners & 5 Halberds
175 - Librarian w/ Halberd, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Might of Titan, Warp Rift
120 - x6 GKSS
100 - x5 GKSS
100 - x2 Razorback w/ psybolt
320 - GKIS w/ x2 incinerators &; psybolt ammo
320 - GKIS w/ x2 incinerators &; psybolt ammo
235 - Dreadknight w/ personal teleporter & heavy incinerator
205 - Dreadknight w/ personal teleporter

So this list isn't a thing of beauty, but its real heavy on incinerators and tactical ability. Before the game begins, Mordrak is able to use Grand Strategy to make the Dreadknights scout, GKIS Scout, or make either of these troops. The GKIS can also be combat squadded to put all the incinerators together and hide the other half for late game contesting.

Mordrak comes in with the Ghost Knights and Librarian on turn one with no scatter. The Libby uses Warp Rift on whatever looks juicy. Hopefully, there's a vehicle parking that he can run that template across. In a KP game, Mordrak gives at least one Dreadknight scout, and he moves to 12" away from the enemy before the game begins. Ideally, he's accompanied by another Dreadknight and at least one unit of GKIS. Whatever doesn't make it in the scout move comes over on turn one with the shunt move to join in on the shooting. Hopefully the Libby pops some vehicles and an assault of the tasty bits can ensue.

From there, you simply play a game of incinerating and assaulting. The main Drak Bomb unit goes after the largest threat and then just works its way down the list. This isn't a highly competitive list, but it can be a lot of fun and is quite consistent.

What are your thoughts on this list being fun to play? Any changes that I'm missing to make this more fun, or slightly more competitive?