TauTauTau- Painting Crisis Suits

Finially got around to finishing up the two crisis suits that I had near completion. I have to say they turned out better than I expected. Here is an overview of how I did them. 1. Primed grey with rustoleum primer 2. airbrushed golden yellow, then sunburst yellow 3. Applied a mix of scab red/blood red/blazing orange (about 2:2:1) to the areas I wanted red 4. Wet blended the plasma with ultramarine blue to ice blue. 5. Airbrushed with sephia 6. highlighted the yellow parts with sunburst, the red parts with blazing orange, the black with codex gray, and the plasma with white. 7. Based using the painting instructions on darkartsminiatures webpage.


It's late here. Dont want to open myself up to scrutiny this week. My statistics will be posted next week.

For now, here is an unrelated video. Four years ago, my friends had to turn in a senior project for EAST. I'm pretty sure they failed. Here it is.