Space Elves Update

Been a while since I posted.  Life getting in the way of my hobbies again.  You know how it goes.  Slowly but surely, the Eldar war host is being assembled and painted for the Indep. Day Massacre.  I have all the models and now it is down to the part I hate.....painting.  Eldar is the army I started playing 40k with, but I have added models over the years and the army has gotten a new paint job.  They started out Saim Hann red.  Thought I would share a pic of the painting progress.

That's right, they're purple.  I'm hoping the shiny-happy-people purple will distract my opponents enough to make some tactical mistakes.  After all, my overpriced vehicles need all the advantages they can get in the new meta game.  For those of you keeping score at home, that's 4 Wave Serpents, 2 Fire Prisms, and 1 Falcon.  Being a nid player for the last few years, I'll admit its really fun being able to move 24", tank shock, or ram vehicles. 

So fragile, so dainty
I have playtested this army a fair amount and have made some tough decision on army selection.  I reeeeally wanted to love the war walkers and the outflanking fusillade of fire they bring.  I had visions of using guide and doom to wipe units of the board each time they fire.  Reality was, they walked on the board no-where near the rest of my army; did their best with BS3; and they started falling down when the return fire/assaults came in the following turn.  I need more than a one-shot-wonder in this role.  *Sigh*

Dropping the WW frees up a Heavy slot, but I need an outflanker to keep my opponents off balance and wary of the edges.  So I'm picking up a Falcon to fill the last heavy slot.  Eldrad has to ride in style, after all.  It is also a beautiful thing to be able to Guide and Fortune the tank you are riding in which sports three heavy weapons.
The outflanker role will now be played by some hard as nails scorpions in a Wave Serpent.  A fast skimmer tank full of close combat specialists should fill the "oh crap" role nicely.  Much more maneuverable and survivable than the walkers.  Anyway, I have some more painting to do between now and June.  Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons and an Autaurch all in the next month. 

Until next time.  Happy Easter!