Rumor Roundup - More Tau Rumors

From Faeit 212 -

Yet another set of Tau rumors. The first two come from novels, possibly indicating possibly some new units amongst the Kroot. While Novels I am sure have a certain liberty, its worthwhile to take a look. The rest is a full set of rumors without much detail. Here's to the Tau, and please take with salt.
by Vash 113I don't know how many of you guys may have noticed already but in Savage Scars the White Scars Sergeant Sarik duels with a psyker Kroot Shaper in service to the Tau. At first I brushed this off as a minor reference however, in the Victories of the Space Marines Anthology the short story detailing the Silver Skulls has them encounter a planet infested with Kroot who ingested the DNA of Eldar and have manifested potent Psychic abilities.

This is now two references in a short span of time to something previously relatively unheard of in 40k fluff. This makes me seriously wonder whether we will see the Tau gain access to Kroot Psykers in their next Codex, this could potentially shift the metagame significantly, granting psychic capability to one of the two races currently completely devoid of psykers.

via Corporeal1) Kroot HQ is in the works!
2) Kroot to get own transport (devilfish will no longer beable to transport Kroot
3) Kroot will get light armor saves (6+)
4) Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.
5) Firewarrior carbine to get a grenade launcher (either explosive or EMP)
6) Vespids to get reworked
7) Vespids to get a Heavy unit
8)Firewarrior BS changed to 4
9) Crisis suits will get “hit and run” ability
10) Various changes to Firewarrior equipment
11) Various changes to Crisis suit equipment
12) New Prototypes
13) 4th edition prototypes will be changed to “standard” equipment for all suits
14) All HQ’s can act as a commanders
15) New type of “Heavy” battlesuit (new prototype of the broadside)
16) Stealth suits will be changed to a advanced scout unit similar to pathfinders
17) Pathfinders will be changed to act as a type of Tau Commando infantry

I am seeing quite a few of these repeated elsewhere so I am thinking there is some truth to some of these rumors.