Rumor Roundup - More Sisters of Battle Rumors and Some Imperial Armour 11

After our little bit of fun this morning I figured it would be only proper to post up some real rumors from around the web. I found these all earlier in the week so I don't suspect any of them are April Fools jokes -

More Sisters of Battle news from across the pond over at Dakka -

I was at warhammer world for the schools league, and Wayde Price was giving us a talk about the new Grey Knights. In this, he mentioned other parts of the inquisition, including the sisters of battle; who he said will be updated later this year!
Further down in the post it states that it will be a proper codex - no pdx, and that there will be new plastic minis. This rumor is being met with a bit of resistance, but not too much so it is looking pretty good for now.

Here is some pretty solid news on Imperial Armour 11 from over at Warseer -

Imperial Armour 11: The Doom of Mymera
Set on a snow world/ice planet, featured Factions
+Space Wolves
+Imperial Guard

Will be a one off volume not a series like Badab War/Siege of Vraks (told at UK Games Day)

Copies will be able to view at Forgeworld open day on April 3rd, likely to be released end of april/may

Eldar Units


1. Hornet (currently available)
-Light Tank armed with two pulsars

2. Warp Hunter (available for pre-order)
- Fast Skimmer Tank with D-Cannon

3. Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors (Newsletter #261)
- Prism Cannon style weapons that can combine
- Jet packs NOT jump packs
- 5 models currently sculpted
- Single Exarch model available to preorder (Newsletter #267)

4. Lynx (Newsletter #267)
- Heavy Grav Tank, smaller than Scorpion or Cobra
- Armed with either pulsar or sonic lance

5. Wasp Assualt Walker
- Enclosed varient of warwalker with jump jets

6. Eldar Phantom Titan (various sources, pictured in What's New Today 31st Dec, UK GD)

7. Warp Hunter
- Falcon Chassis with D-Cannon


8. Second New Aspect? (Forgeworld presentation at UK GD )
-Talked about but never made clear if happening or not, perhaps someone can clarify this for me i didn't get in the presentation :-(

9. Corsairs may be involved, explicitly mentioned in fluff on Forgeworld website for assault walkers. Exodites explicitly not involved (UKGD)

10. Upgrade packs for guardians
- Similar to the cadian extreme weather troopers

11. Female Eldar Character
- (see original post on page 13 of this thread, post 241 by Blackraven)

Imperial Units


1. Malcador Infernus (Newsletter #258)
- Variant of Malcador with Inferno Cannon

2. Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Sets (Newsletters #264 & #265)
- Seperate Plasma and Melta Squads
- HQ Squad
- Tank crew


3. Valhallans will not be involved, they will be getting a seperate outing at some point in the future.

4. Rumours about both Elsyians and Krieg getting new models to fill out gaps in their lists but unclear whether this is connected to IA11

5. Whilst Space Wolves involvement has been confirmed no more specifics have been mentioned either at GD or in any of the newsletter

Thunderwolf Cav

This last one is a bit of a stretch. I have been seeing rumors for the past couple of weeks about GW moving some of its metal line over to resin. Seems a bit out there but there is a bit of evidence supporting this -

13th March:
[quote=Erazmus_M_Wattle]Okay! If you look back over the discussion you'll note that people have noticed a drop in quantities of metal blisters.
The price of tin just goes up all the time. We no GW wish to stop using it at some point. Which point?
A source of mine that isn't GW, combined with a rumour from one of my contacts suggests that it might change sooner than expected.
Now there not going to make all those blisters in "injected" plastic. Not metal and not polystyrene. So that leaves?... [/quote]
14th March:
[quote=Erazmus_M_Wattle]Well bearing in mind this is only a rumour. I use the same silicone and resin supplier as GW. In one of their most recent newsletters they had an article about GW. The article was about how FW had been using their products for years but now they were working closer than ever with GW to implement new techniques and production methods. I read it and just thought FW.
But something one of my contacts said suddenly made me think of the article. So resin blisters seams exactly what we'll be getting. I could be wrong. That I'll admit but I like the sound of it.
They're called Bentley Chemicals and to be honest their article didn't really reveal anything. They just seemed proud that GW was one of their customers.
To answer the other posters. Resin dust is harmful but I wouldn't expect polystyrene dust to be any better for you. Resins are petrochemical products the sane as plastic after all.
I wouldn't expect them to use the same resins as FW cos in my opinion it's not the best for thin parts. I got some Khorne terminator bits recently and damn are the stylised horns fragile.[/quote]
22nd March:
[quote=Harry]You have to start somewhere.
You are doing very well for a first rumour.[img][/img][/quote]
And today's note by Battlefield Berlin, a big retailer in Germany:
[quote]Just got note from GW that they will stop the production of metal products for at least 3 months. The Sales guys don`t know why, most items are already out of stock, so I guess they stopped productions already some weeks ago... [/quote]
Posted by Maccwar over at Warseer, and the retailer denied it to be a 1st April joke.

On one side I like resin for allowing better and finer sculpts to be made. But I am not convinced that it is adequate for mass production as a teen toy because of hazardous resin dust and difficulties with getting the mould release off the model (depends on manufacturer, some sell precleaned).

So all this may or may not fit with several metal boxes and blisters being removed from stores. We will see.