Mordheim Championship

This was the big week for the Mordheim League Championship at the War Pig game store. Those of you who followed the buildup this week on The Hogs of War forums will know that the championship match was between bdix's Beastmen warband and my Skaven warband. Anybody that read in the forums also knows that bdix's was talking a lot of trash this week.

On paper, this is a really good matchup for the league championship. Bdix had played a great deal more games than I had, but I had won both of our head to matchups in stylish fashion. Both armies had some dirty characters and were built primary on speed and close combat attacks. In the mordheim game, these two items always seem to reign supreme.

On the way home from the Meta Games tournament, bdix and I had negotiated some slightly different terms for the final match. We would follow the rules set forth by the league organizer (Wildeyedjester) during the match, but would conduct a pregame event at a fine beverage establishment down the street from War Pig. Fearing for our safety, Dannato volunteered to run a shuttle from the pregame to War Pig. Boy am I glad he did.

In trying to make this clip PG-13, I had to severely shorten the amount of video footage taken that night. I think you will get a great feel for the evening in only 30 seconds though. I will be the narrator, while bdix plays the lead role for those of you that do not know us.

And so, I was victorious. The rat men did not have to finish out the complete game, but could have quite capably dealt with those beastmen on this night. I'd like for everyone to encourage bdix to practice harder for next year. The first test will be at War Games Con and its not far away. Oh and if anyone wants some rated R footage, just let me know.