High on the Hawg - Weekly Top Links #2

Fantastic video tutorial on lightning effects at Beanofdooms blog.

The Adepticon Crystal Brush Winners Gallery is now up.

You can also check out all the entries here.

Here is a tutorial from one of my favorite painters on how to use human hair on minis.

Sandwyrm from the Back 40k gives us a rundown on the terrain from Adepticon.

Not really 40k related, but here is a link to an awesome cosplay - someone dressed up as Buzz Lightyear dressed up as Mrs. Nesbit from Toy Story. This wouldn't have caught my attention but my daughter watches Toy Story about 8 times a week and this is one of my favorite parts.

Here Be Geeks has a nice converted Big Mek with KFF made out of an Assault on Black Reach Nob.