GT In Omaha, NE

We had this post come across our forums and thought I would pass it along to all you folk out there. Looks like it is shaping up to be a really solid event -

This June 24th-26th, just about a 7 hour drive away from you guys in in Omaha, we're hosting the first ever Bugeater GT (I know this is just a couple weeks after Independence Day Massacre, but I'm going to try and pitch the GT anyway ) It is held at Millard West High School, because I teach there and the tournament is a fundraiser for the Millard West Debate Team. For Warhammer 40k, it is a 2 day, 6 round tournament with 1850 point armies. For Warhammer Fantasy, it is a 2 day, 5 round tournament with 2500 point armies. This tournament is based on the NOVA Open, and if numbers pan out could earn a spot to the NOVA Invitational this August.
The cost is $45, and that gets you Friday night fun and specialist gaming (we have Blood Bowl and Mordheim planned right now), along with the two day tournament on Saturday and Sunday.
The tournament website for more info is here:
The direct link to purchase tickets is here:
We have a hotel block at the West Omaha Hilton Garden Inn, and info for that is on the website.
Some reasons to make trip out to Omaha, and it's worth your $45:-We are listed on the GW Independent Tournament Circuit, and we are (last time I checked) the cheapest two day event listed on the circuit.-We have over $2000 worth of stuff we're giving away or awarding, and the amount is growing every week. We have Imperial Armor books, FFG Rulebooks, autographed Black Library novels, $150 gift vouchers to GW, tickets to future tournaments (like Adepticon), obviously some Warhammer boxes, and more!-Everyone is getting stuff just for walking through the door. As of right now, everyone will get a brick of chessex dice, 5 custom objective markers, and a laser pointer. We're working on getting a least one more goodie in the swag bag.-We've got six states represented so far, so if you're looking to test out your skills this would be the place to do it.-The College World Series is going on, so catch some baseball when you come in town!-It is a short hop down the interstate to get to Omaha!
Anyway, that's my pitch. If you have any questions let me know. I'll be checking this thread, and of course you can email me at