Foray into 40k - Raining Grey Knights

The big day I had been waiting for came this week. All my Grey Knight preorder came in! Though my pocket book is lighter, I now have a lot of models to put together. I didn't want to go totally overboard on day one, so was what I preordered:  Grey Knights x2, GK Termies x2, and one Dreadknight. To go along with this, I had also ordered 2 Razorbacks, 3 Chimeras, & 2 Stormravens over the last several weeks.

Here's some shots of the unboxing ceremony and the more interesting pieces to me:

Its Hammatime!

The Dreadknight will be a centerpiece.


Termies have so many bits I can't see straight. There were 11 heads by my count.

Termie Banner

Pre-slain demon

They must have hired a new packaging
engineer to get so much on two GK sprues.

While I'm putting this together, I'm also list building so I will know what to order next. If you'd like to join in on some rousing GK rules conversation here's a little debate (Grey Knight Bonus Stacking) that has started about stacking Hammerhand and Rad Grenade bonuses. We can open it up to other points of contention though. The first FAQ will probably have a pretty significant impact on gameplay based on many of the lists I've seen running around the net.

That's all I've got for tonight. Time to quit typing and start putting these models together.