Fantasy Ard Boys Round 2

We had an odd number of players at the event and no ringer army. I got a by first round. My two other matches were both against Orcs. I was intimidated because I haven't really got the new orc book down yet. Luckily it was new enough I don't think my opponents have it 100% yet.

I didn't write anything down so this is all off memory.
My opponents list was;

Fat goblin chariot special character
A couple of goblin warbosses (2 or 3)
2 Lvl 2 Goblin wizards
a Lvl 4 Orc wizard
Orc Hero in chariot
2 units of wolf rider fast cav
3 or 4 large units of orces. 30ish maybe
10 black orcs
4 groups of 40 goblins
spear chukka
Rock Lobba
goblin wolf chariot
orc chariot
(I still think I'm missing some stuff...)

The mission was very standard. 12 inches in alternating deployment. One core unit got a 'bloody choppa' which gave the unit +1 strength and attack. I put that on my spearmen and he put it on an orc unit that had to be 40 strong.

I placed all my guys bunkered on a hill on my left flank and had my bunker flanked by hydras and black guard and a chariot to scare off any would be sneaky flankers. he pretty much took his entire deployment zone. (he had a lot of models (a lot!)) He placed his hydras on the far flank so they could come in around and hit my side that was only protected by 1 hydra. I put my scouting shades out to to cover the empty area in my deployment and up a couple of inches. I placed both assassins both shade units.

At the begging of the battle my opponent asked "Are you Brave?" He was implying that we should both run out and have our bloody choppa units fight it out in the center. In which I replied "Hell no! Were elves!" We both had a laugh and began.

He basically moved everything up to engage and had about average animosity. I revealed my assassins and double assassin charged his chariot hero. Otherwise I sat back and shot and sat up all my next turn charges. He had terrible animosity rolls and a couple of panicked units from my previous magic phase. He had no charges. My next turn I over ran my assassins into his spear chukka and killed it and started threatening his fast cav with the assassins and shades. My harpies go and kill his stone thrower. No I have 100 percent magic superiority.

Some highlights.

He killed one of his wizards with a bad mushroom and another with the all wizards take a str 6 hit miscast. Which he did twice.

My assassin and shades completely collapsed his faster flank.

I sit back and don't manage to charge anything until the last turn and make 4 charges and win all of them.

I have one black guard model left at the end of the game with 2 orc banners hes dragging around.

I won a lot of combats but couldn't seem to pursue more than 3 inches a turn...

If there was one or two more turns he would have been completely tabled. We both had a good time. He is a good friend of mine and we play pretty regularly. Next game I had to play against Orcs with a 4 Character death star of black orcs...