On Jesters Painting Table: Grey Knights Prototype

A little known fact - I don't like painting marines.  I don't like that they are all one color primarily, and I don't like the large flat areas of their armor.  I also don't like painting metallics.  I wish I were a better painter and then I might be tempted to do non-metallic metals.  Alas, I must work with the abilities that I do have.

Here is my attempt to do something non traditional with grey knights.  I went with gold and made use of P3 armor wash for shading.  I must say it is a wonderful product and does a pretty neat job of shadowing the joints of the gold.  I used burnished gold and mithril silver for highlights.

I also am trying to go with purples for the contrasting color.  I'm using liche purple and a couple of purples from the reaper range which I have also been pleased with.

The base is from Micro arts and I am choosing to go with a stone look to contrast with all the gold.

Well, before I paint up an army like this - what do you all think?  Go with it, or trash it?