Keeper of Secrets WIP

Howdy Folks:
Well, this week I wanted to discuss the Keeper of Secrets I am making for my Daemons. I've never been much of a modeler, but I wanted a big centerpiece model for the army, and when the Arachnarok spider was announced, the wheels started turning. I came up with this idea, and it fits right in with the modeling I did for my Fiends.

I put the spider together, leaving off the mandibles in front. I actually put the eye-plate on as I thought its rough nature would blend more fluidly with my green stuff. I then put together the upper torso of a Daemon Prince, filling the chaos symbol on the chest with green stuff to differentiate it from the Daemon Prince I've already built. I then set about working on my creation's weapon. After convincing Big D to give me the plague furnace left over from his Skaven, I shaved it down a bit and pinned it to the handle from the DP's axe. I had to rotate the hand on the arm to reposition the furnace, so once again, some green stuff and pinning were required. Lastly, I green, stuffed, glued, pinned, filed, etc. the finished DP torso onto my spider.

I've spent the last couple days painting him up, and I think he might be the best model I've ever done. At least, I hope it will be as it's the fusion of three separate kits. I'm only about 10% of the way through the paint job, but it's Spring Break, and between lounging and working on my soon-to-be-here daughter's nursery, I plan on finishing him this week.

Well, that's about it.