Dark Angels Librarian

After playing a few games with my Dark Angels Deathwing force I decided that I needed a Librarian. This gives me some pretty decent psychic defense (LD 9 whole board hood) and also adds some more wounds and offensive power to my terminators. I looked around a bit for a nice model and found the perfect one in the Space Hulk Librarian. Below are the steps I took to get him painted up.

Prime the model white, spray with blue using air brush - I used Enchanted Blue. Then pick out the parts that won't be blue with black.

Paint the parts that will be white Dheneb Stone.

Paint metallic sections with Boltgun Metal. Wash the white/bone parts with Gryphonne Sepia. Paint the knee pad and shoulder pad detail areas with Codex Grey.

Paint Metals with Chainmail. Wash power weapon with Asurmen Blue. Paint flesh with Tallarn Flesh. Paint scroll cases with Dwarf Bronze.

Wash metal with Badab Black. Paint purity seals with red. Paint eyes with dark blue.

Paint Eyes with Ice Blue and blend it out away from the eyes just a bit to make it glow.

The plain shoulder pad was a bit bland, so I added a water slide decal to it. I Used Micro-Sol and Micro-Set over 'ard Coat to give it a painted on look.

Glue the model to the base. Seal with Testors Dullcote.

I really like the way this guy turned out. He fits in well with the rest of the Deathwing because the cloth and shoulder pads match their color scheme spot on. I will have to get some pictures of the full army up so you can see how he fits in.