Getting back in the game

After two 40k games in the last six months, it's time to get back in the groove.  The nids are going to sleep for a while.  It has been the subject of some debate across the internets about whether they are competitive or not.  IMO fun, yes; competitive, no.  Bottom line, the bubble wrap build only works if your opponent lets it.  Every codex that came after nids has been pretty stout.  Each new codex brings something to the table that nids really have trouble with.  Vehicles and THSS termies.  The sheer amount of DE poison makes my MC cry.  *sigh* So until the nids get some new codex lov'n, they will sit the bench.

I am going back to my very first 40K army, Eldar.  I started playing back when the shuriken gun used "the funky red d3 with a misfire" dice.  Back when the game was more hero-hammer filled with unstoppable characters surrounded by disposable "red-shirt" units.
Dire Avengers - Old School
I'll be chronicling the updating of the space elves over the next few months as well as creating some discussions on the strengths, weaknesses, what works, and what doesn't in today's metagame.  Army selection should always start with a strategy.  My strategy is mechdar - numerous tanks with supporting specialized units that Eldar are known for.

Stay tuned.