The Scurrying Rat Horde Is Complete

I finished up my Skaven army this week just in time for The Shiloh Slaughter - the annual local big Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. My list is a tad bit different than the current Skaven power build - no Hell Pit Abomination or Warp Lightning Cannon - but will still pack some punch in the form of two Plague Claw Catapults, 3 Plague Wind Mortars, a Screaming Bell, and a Plague Furnace.

My goal for this army was to have a lot of ranged templates that will ignore armour. I have managed to fit in two big templates and three little ones - hopefully that will be enough. The army is going to be pretty aggressive and fast with the foot troops and the Bell and Furnace. I plan on supporting them with a Doomwheel on the flank and some Gutter Runners in the back field. The only characters I am taking are the Grey Seer on the Doom Wheel and the Plague Priest on the Furnace. I have a dispel scroll on the Seer, and a ward save trinket on the Priest - he also has the item that gives his unit a 6+ save vs. warmachines.

The army was really fun to paint. I primed everything black and then used an airbrush to basecoat them Scorhced Brown. I then used Tausept Ochre and Dark Angels Green for the main colors and picked out the details with Boltgun and Bronze.

The War Machines is where I spent the most time. I painted them up in a pretty basic manner, and then I added some lighting effects to them. I did this by using the large drybrush and adding several layers of increasingly lighter green. I started at Dark Angels and worked my way up to Scorpion Green. I was happy with the way it turned out and it didn't take too long at all.