Malifaux Conversion - Hamelin the Plagued

When I started looking through the Rising Powers book for Malifaux there was one faction that just really stuck out to me - Hamelin the Plagued and his crew. Basically the crew is composed of Hamelin (melee beater, pretty stout ranged, and has a lot of neat spells), Rats (worthless), the lost (worthless), and rat-catchers (kind of useless.)

Since nearly all units in this warband are really on the weak side, what makes this warband so appealing you ask? It is the synergy. Each unit on it's own is nothing special, but when you combine them right they turn into something really neat. First off both Hamelin and the Rat-Catchers have a power that when something dies within 6" of them the model comes back as a rat. This means that if you stack your rats right your opponents can't permanently get ride of them - they just keep coming back. Couple this with some tricky model placement and that means each rat can get in multiple attacks a turn (the catchers can kill all rats withing 6", so you can attack with the rats, kill them all, have them summoned back to the catcher, and attack again - it ends up being really nasty doing this with five or six rats.)

The next big trick of this gang is Hamelin. When he dies if there is a The Lost model within 3" he is summoned back to the field and replaces the model (The Lost.) This means that if you play it right you can get two activations out of Hamelin a turn (activate him, let the opponent kill him, activate him again after he re-spawns.) Another neat ability that Hamelin has is the ability to summon a The Lost model once a turn - this can help you replenish your models as the game wears on.

As there are no current official models for this warband it was time to do some converting and requisitioning from other lines.

For my Hamelin the Plagued I used the Hamelin the Rat Catcher model from Wyrd. I cut off a rat, removed the dog, repositioned the hand, and green-stuffed up a staff.

Next I needed some rats. The rats were easy - I just used some spare Skaven Giant Rats.

Moving on I needed a bunch of children models for my The Stolen. This was a bit trickier and I ended up using a Malifaux Child, some models from Reaper, and some models from Hasslefree Miniatures. Some of the scales are a bit off, but it works.

Last up are the Rat Catchers. Both of these guys came from Reaper. One is actually a dwarven rat catcher and the other was a grave robber (the taller of the two.) On the grave digger I repositioned the arm and used the cage from the dwarven rat catcher to make him look more proper. These models were both really fun to paint.

So far I have gotten in two games with this crew. My first game was a hard fought tie and the second was an even closer game that I ended up losing 5-1 (came down to last turn and was really fun.) I am enjoying this crew more than my Guild crew because of all the tricks it has, so hopefully I will get the hang of them soon and will start putting up better numbers.