Ex Illis Emissarius - Behold the Hugeness

A few weeks ago I got my hands on The Emissarius from Bastion. This guy is for use in Ex Illis. As I had, you have probably seen some pics of this model around the internet. It is the largest model out for Ex Illis and looks pretty slick. Here is a shot of the official artwork off of the box -

Now I had seen this model before. I had even seen it with another model next to it for size comparison,  but I just really wasn't that excited about it when I got the box. That all changed as soon as I popped the top of the box. The first thing I saw was the Scythe. Holy cow was this thing huge! I swear it is at least a foot long.

From here my excitement only built. I took out the sprues and started looking over them. You just can not get a sense of the size of this model without seeing it in person. It is HUGE.

Over the next few days I put the model together and primed it. I have held off on painting it up for now as my airbrush is broken. This model is so big you are going to have to treat it like a tank - there are large flat areas that would be tricky for me paint with a brush (I am horrible at getting a smooth coat on tanks) so I am going to wait for my airbrush - this is going to be a perfect model for trying out some new techniques.

In the meantime I decided to post a picture that will give you a scale. Here is a shot of the model next to a GW Bloodthirster and UltraForge Greater War Daemon. As you can see this model is far and away the largest of the three.

The best part about this model is that it is only $55. That is right at the cost of the Bloodthirster! I would definitely say this model is worth picking up - even if you aren't playing Ex Illis - there is a lot of room for conversion potential and it would fit into most war games as a greater daemon with ease.