Weekend Malifaux Tourney

Had our first Malifaux tournament this weekend and it was a blast. Good turnout (although we always like to see more Malifauxians out and about) and we got a chance to play through the Halloween Scenarios that Wyrd put out. All in all it was a great day to get out and get some games in. As I was kind of the one who tried to get the Malifaux bandwagon started locally it really felt good to get some local players out for a tourney!

Tourney was 30ss under Scrap rules.

My list:
Lady J
Death Marshal
Witchling Stalker x2
Gov. Proxy

7 SS cache.

Game 1:
v/ theSugarKing (Seamus, mess of Belles, Sybelle, Convict Gunslinger)

This game involved picking up ingredients for the witch's brew that models could sack for a temporary boost or throw into the witch's cauldron for a permanent effect (and score Vps).

I play theSugarKing quite a lot so I knew his crew fairly well. He spent the first few turns picking up ingredients while I advanced on him with a plan of killing as many models as possible as the ingredients didn't persist if dropped. Lucky for me, my plan worked. I was able to deny him getting any Belles in position to drop the ingredients while snaking my forces up to put some in.
For schemes I staked out a building in his half of the board and decided to take raid. He bodyguarded Seamus and selected holdout.

In the end I was able to pick up 6 VP to his 3 VP.

Game 2:
v/ big_D (Perdita's box)

Another Wyrd (HAHA) one. This scenario involved a big altar in the center of the table and four shrines out towards the center. Each shrine spawned Apparitions that each player had to try and rack up kills on.The goal was to kill 3 and then each person got an extra VP for killing more than the other player. Each shrine spawned a new one a turn and then each player picked one Apparition to activate and attack. It was a lot of fun, but it led to being a very isolated game.

Perdita rushed forward with Papa and Santiago while Nino and Francisco stayed back. We each spent the first few turns killing ghosts and ignoring the other player. By turn for it looked like I was going to edge it out on VP because I had 5 ghost kills to 3 (the ghosts were bulletproof and ignored any sort of AOE dmg so my crew had the edge in dealing with them) so big_D rushed Perdita at me, obeyed my cranked up Sammael to take my nino down to two wounds and ricochet 3 wounds into one of my witchlings. I finished it off by running at Perdita and taking her down.

The game ended with me on 7 VP to big_D's 4.

Game 3:
v/ Wildeyedjester (Seamus, 2 belles, Bete Noir, Sebastian, Canine Remains)

This scenario had us looking for Pumpkinhead (well, close enough) to kill him. You could try and dredge him up early for 1 VP but there was a risk of him killing model or just jumping out, attacking, and disappearing again so Jester and I both ignored it and focused on setting up a good killzone for where he popped out.

This game was decided pretty quick. Jester and I had some early exchanges due to Bete Noir coming across out of some Canine Remains, but I was able to dispatch her. I took out some smaller models and used final repose to limit the amount of corpse counters available.

The game was sealed when the big bad jumped out on the table. I gained control of him first to do a little bit of damage in the backfield, but Jester was able to get the game when he slit the big guy's jugular (no one was controlling him, so no cards to save his life). Without that, i'm not sure either crew would have taken him down, but I would have liked to seen it tried for. I have to think the designers didn't make him 12 WD, Armor 2, Hard to wound 2, and Immune to Influence with a belief that he could be one shot but it was RAW and I was holding back a crow to headshot him with Nino on my turn anyways, so it was definitely a sound strategy.

Jester picked up 7 VP to my 3 that game.

All in all it was a good day. Glad to get some games in.

Final standings were:

1. Jester 19
2. Me 16
3. theSugarKing 14

Since Malifaux is still new we didn't do a paint/best army award, but there was talk of doing it next time.

I look forward to seeing even more folks out at the next event!