Malifaux Gang - Ortega

Here are some shots of my finished Malifaux Gang - the Ortega Gunslingers.

I know the pictures aren't the best - some of the models are out of focus, but between the two pictures you have a good shot of each model.

I had a lot of fun painting these models, but they were also a challenge. I have not painted a lot of leather and these models had a TON of it on them. Perdita's hair was also another challenge - she has a LOT of hair.

For the leather I build it up from some of the darker GW browns up to a highlight of Bestial Brown. I also used several layers of washes. Every model had some red on them, I used Gore Red for the base and brought it up to a 50/50 mix of Gore Red and Blood Red (this mix is one of my absolute favorite reds.)

For the hair I got really lucky. I started out by washing the whole model with Gryphonne Sepia (this gives me a good base to work from and gets rig of the annoying white flecks showing through if I miss a tiny spot.) I then applied a layer of Vallejo Smoke Glaze and the color came out perfect. The Smoke Glaze is a real light pigment dark grey, for whatever reason the way it worked with the hair turned it a really nice auburn color with built in highlighting.

From here the rest was just detail work. I did the bases in the same way as my Orks and it works, it looks very desert-ish.

I am happy with the way my gang turned out, but I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to play them on the table top. So far I have played the Seamus gang twice and had a rough go of it. I need to figure out how the models interact with each other and play their strengths off of each other.

For my next faction I am still undecided. In the next few moths there are some really neat boxes coming out so I might have to wait just a bit and go with one of those. I will be sure to post some pictures as I start working on whatever gang I decide on.