New High Elf Miniatures Available for Pre-Order

The new High Elf miniatures are up for order today. It looks like the rumors turned out to be true as we have new White Lions, Phoenix Guard, and Dragon Princes. Also up for order is the High Elf magic cards. It looks like the pricing for the elite plastic box sets has continued, the White Lions and Phoenix Guard are $41.25 for ten models, and the Dragon Princes are $29.75 - that is cheaper than metal, but still pretty high for plastic.

The models themselves look pretty nice, though I am not sure about the White Lions - the old models looked kinda goofy to me, as do the new ones.

With these new releases and the Island of Blood set, it is now possible to build a really stout High Elf army entirely out of plastic. I look forward to this trend continuing on with other armies.