WIP - Ork Shadowskull

This weekend we are going to be playing a big Apocalypse game at War Pig Game and Hobby. Right now it is looking like 15,000 points per side not including super heavies. A while back I had gotten a really rough Bane Blade in part of a trade. I had originally planned on turning it into a piece of terrain - it was in REALLY rough shape - but Jester talked me into Orkifying it for the Apocalypse game.

I started working on it trying to get it back in fighting condition one evening and I just had to give up - I didn't have the tools on hand for it. I was trying to use the Citadel plastic glue on pieces that had paint on them, and brother that just doesn't work. I was going to have to regroup and try again.

That night I went to the store and bought a new bottle of Gorilla Glue superglue. I also picked up my razor saw from the house and took it with me back to the store. Once there I started in like a mad man. The whole tank was actually splitting apart where the middle section joins the outer sections. The top of the tank was splitting loose, and all the sponsons were just flopping. I started prying off pieces that I didn't want or need (it was a Sisters of Battle Bane Blade) and then broke out the glue.

A short while later I was dizzy from the fumes but the tank was back together. It was time to Ork it up. I wen to the bits box and started pulling out any metal plate, gun, and Ork bit I could find. Once I had picked out my pieces it was time to start gluing. The first thing I had to do was cover up some missing pieces - for whatever reason the front of the tank tracks was missing. I just glued a bunch of metal plates over it and called it good.

I then started adding more plates to the sides and top of the vehicle - Orks just love bolting on metal plates. I added  a few hatches and view ports, and then started slapping on guns. I figured Rokkits were in order so I put those in the existing sponsons. Since I didn't have enough Dakka I added a Defiler Battle Cannon mounted in a Battle Wagon sponson to one side. I the put a Predator twin linked lascannon turret on top of the Bane Blade turret.

Since I was wanting to use this thing as a Volcano Cannon instead of the Bane Blade gun I decided to beef up the gun barrel a bit. I went and to the hardware store and picked up some pipe and was good to go. The Volcano Cannon is usually mounted to the hull, and the Bane Blade had a sponson, so I just glued it in place. Easy fix.

Here you can see the finished model. I have since primed it, sprayed it orange, and started on the weathering. I am hoping to have it finished by this weekend but it is going to be a close call.