Grand Opening Recap

We had a really good grand opening this weekend down at War Pig Game and Hobby. Friday night went by real quick as I had person after person stopping by. The longest time I was alone at the store was only about fifteen minutes.

Saturday was nuts. There were people there just about the time I opened the door. I got to visit with a bunch of people that I hadn't met before, so that was neat. I had quite a few role players stop by, and later on a few people who focused more on board games stopped in as well. Jester and Dannato got in a game of Warhammer Fantasy, and later on in the day we were even able to play a few board games - we had a four player game of Warhammer Invasion, Pandemic was beaten in as fast a time as I have ever seen, and Jester and I got in a few rounds of Dominion late in the day.

Throughout the day there were various giveaways - I ended up giving away a Sabol bag, Warhammer 40k Limited Ed. Rule Book, a box of Eldar Dire Avengers, a piece of Warhammer Terrain, and a few other bits and bobs. Everyone seemed to have a good time so I am going to call it a success.

In the next few weeks we are going to start having some smaller faster events. I had a guy stop by who used to run a store in Connecticut and he had some really good ideas and even offered to help run a few of them. We are going to be looking at doing a Dragon Quest (each person has a mounted Bretonnian Knight and a few footmen  and you try to kill a dragon), Bike Race (bike sized vehicles tearing around a track while shooting at each other), a Tank Bash (like above, but with tanks), and even a Wizard Duel (you have a Warhammer Fantasy Wizard and you duke it out in an arena.) These all sound like fun fast events that should be a blast to play in and watch.

Jester is already planning an Apocalypse battle for the near future. As of right now we have a Stompa, Titan, about three or four Baneblades, and that is just the stuff we are sure of. I know that Big Al has a couple of the big Tyranid models so who knows what all huge beasties will show up for that one.

All in all it was a really good time and I am already looking forward to this weeked.