Back To Normal

Well today is back to normal. We spent pretty much all day yesterday driving back from WAR Games Con. Today is back to work for me and I have a lot of catching up to do.

Overall the tournament and trip was awesome. We all played some really good games of Warhammer, had a blast at the doubles tournament, had a good time out on the town, and ate some really good food. The drive down and up wasn't too bad - I only managed to run into one car during Dallas rush-hour so I call that a success.

Quite a few of us were inspired to start new armies, and others are going to be expanding and changing the armies we have. It looks like we are even going to be branching out into Fantasy stronger than before. So far we have an Empire, Tomb Kings, Dark Elves, and Dwarf army being planned out.

On another note, this weekend is going to be the grand opening of my hobby shop - War Pig Game and Hobby - so I am stoked about that. Also, over at the War Pig website we have Space Marine Rhino's on sale for 30% off. Now is a perfect time to pick some up if you are expanding or starting a Space Marine army.