Hobby Shop Soft Opening

Tomorrow is the big day - I am doing a soft opening of my hobby shop - War Pig Game and Hobby. I hadn't originally planned on opening before leaving for the week for BOLScon/War Games Con but I decided to do it anyway as a test to see how things will go and to figure out what changes need to be made before the official grand opening.

I have received in all my Games Workshop stock and I had quite a bit laying around that I hadn't done anything with so I actually have a pretty decent amount of Games Workshop inventory for the size of my store.

Here you can see the whole product wall. It starts with some oft he larger GW box sets, works over to 40k, new blisters in between that and the plastic Fantasy boxes, the next shelf is used Games Workshop, and the last set of book shelves are for used and new board games and role playing games.

This is my section of used miniatures and bits. I saw a similar setup down at Rhubarb Games in Orlando and thought it was a really good idea so I am implementing it here in my store. I have all kinds of bits and bobs on this shelf - ranging from old pewter models up to new resin heads from international companies. Most of it is stuff that I bought and didn't do anything with, but if it is successful I can see ordering in neat things and hanging them here.

If you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop by tomorrow evening or Saturday. You can find the store hours and directions over at the hobby shop page under directions.