Gunlines in 8th Ed. Warhammer Fantasy Battles

The new edition of Warhammer Fantasy looks like it has really buffed the gun line army. With out having to guess your ranges and the ability to measure at any time, war machines have been greatly buffed. Hitting everything touched by the template also gives them a big boost.

There has been a bit of chatter around the web that Empire are looking like they have come out on top - with their access to some pretty solid troop choices and a whole host of war machines, they have gotten one of the biggest buffs out there.

Hopefully we don't see the game turn to gun line vs. gun line, and I don't think we will. While gun lines have gotten quite a bit tougher, most armies have gotten quite a bit faster. Even the slower than slow Dwarf is able to make it into hand to hand in about three turns now - the random charge distance can give units a HUGE boost to speed. This will hopefully help balance out the power of the gun line.

What do you guys think? What types of armies are you seeing now that people pretty much have access to the new rules?