Ex-Illis Competition at GenCon

Ex Illis is having a painting and gaming competition at Gen Con Indy this year and they asked for me to pass along the info. You can find the complete rules here.

I am not real familiar with this system, so I decided to check it out over at their site. I was really impressed with their site - it has a nice layout and is easy to find information - but I wanted to know about the system and the models. I quickly found what I was looking for as they have a nice 10 minute clip up that walks you through the game. Wow - this is not your average table top war game.

From what I saw in the video it is almost a hybrid pc/table top wargame. Sort of. You use the table top to plan out your moves and to get a good top-down view of the action. The PC component keeps track of your units individual moves, fatigue, and other elements that would complicate and slow game play. It looks like the game can take advantage of a PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The models also look pretty sharp. They have a few things that are unique to the setting and also a few fantasy staples. There is also a good mix of size - little imp creatures, humans, knights, big monsters, and even war machines span a good chunk of different sizes.

What really 'makes' this system is that your individual models are just that - they are individuals. The 'live' on the Ex Illis servers and can level up between battles. In the past I have really enjoyed systems like this (Mordheim being the biggest example) but it was always a hassle keeping up with it - by having the info server side it will be easy to manage and keep up with.

This appears to be a pretty new system and it looks like it has lots of potential. Has anyone looked at this more closely than I have or actually played it? Let us know in the forums.